About us

TheAsian Trade srl,present on the footwear market since 1988, develops its own collection of footwear for the home and leisure that then offers wholesalers, retailers, specialized chains, large distribution, merchandisers.

Asian Trade srl sells its products with various TRADEMARKS.

The main brand isDE @ DE.The footwear is marketed from its warehouses in Turin, with delivery to the customers ex warehouse, with prices in euros.

The Asian Trade srl supplies its customers with continuity, for this reason has always available, ready for delivery, large stocks of products in the collection.

Another activity of Asian Trade srl is the PRIVATE LABEL.

In collaboration with customers, details of products, colors, assortments, materials, etc. are developed with the customer's brand. then proceed to engineering and production at some factories located in China.

The products are checked, before shipping, by two Chinese production inspectors, who work exclusively for Asian Trade srl, in China.

Peculiarity of this work is that the productions take place behind a specific order of Italian and foreign customers, and then sent directly from the Chinese ports to their warehouse. Transactions take place in both USD (US dollars) and EURO.

The development program, in the near future, provides for the direct acquisition of some licensed brands to be distributed exclusivelyda Asian Trade srl.

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